Daihatsu Speedway cars

No “Track Attack Catefory” for Daihatsus would be complete without a heads up to the guys and girls of Junior Speedway. Car below is driven by a 12yr old. I once had two students who raced and I’d occasionally head to Arhcerfield to watch them race a Datsun Sunny. These two young guys were incredibly mature compared to their peers. Having a racing focus kept them out of a lot of crap that other teenagers were getting up to. When no longer juniors they bought a sprint car together, but when both ended up out of work (and at 17 and 19yrs old respectively) they sold it and bought a small commercial fishing boat. Last I heard they were doing well. Quite a few good stories have come out of Junior Speedway.

SOHC fwds and ohv rwds are permitted. I think that means Toryota Corrolla rwd, Datsun Sunny, Datsun 1200, Early Ford Laser, Hyundai Excel and Daihatsu Charades are the norm.

Will look for a build thread on one of these and add the link to it.