Daihatsu steering wheel interchangeability

Hello all,
I have a 2000 Daihatsu Cuore (L700) and was wondering which steering wheels from other models are compatible? Or even different brands entirely. I’m pretty sure a sirion steering wheel is compatible, what about a copen wheel? Or a hi-jet wheel, etc

Maybe you should go through a catalog for aftermarket wheels and see which models are listed for different bosses, that may give a hint.

Thats a very good idea, thank you :+1:

Definitely sirion is compatable.
I think if you look at the spline on the column that will govern it for you and the clock spring.
Make sure that all fits so the airbag and horn still works.
You can always adjust the mounting tabs for the spring setup but not the size of it to fit behind the wheel and the shroud size.

I’m going to install an aftermarket wheel with no air bag, it’s hard to find a decent boss kit for cuore but easier for other models, hence wanting to know interchangeability, also be cool to have different oem wheels as well

I have a Momo in my G203. No airbag though.

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