Daihatsu Trevis L651 (Mira Gino L650) cheapskate suspension tweaks needed

Hi everybody,
The Trevis I recently got is proving to be quite interesting. I’m still cleaning it and fixing small things but the thing that bothers me the most is the stock suspension. I know I won’t be riding it so much because my Copen will still be my daily- so No coilovers - but I’d really like to find a cheap way to make it lower and maybe tighter. I’m sure somebody’s found out some decent springs…

You could install some Sirion suspension, would be a cheap upgrade I reckon.

Thank you. I’m not an expert but I assumed that, since the Sirion weighs more, its suspension would be firmer and higher. Are you talking about the standard springs?

By the way, here’s how high it’s running right now :smiley:

Do you want it to drive/handle better or to look “racy”?

Better ride and handling come first but, being my third car mainly used to carry my daughter around for very few km a day, I’d be looking at it a lot and that SUV-wheel-gap bothers me :laughing:

Handling or ride. You can’t have both in this type of front wheel drive. Of course you can get a compromise. To give you a little understanding of how to make a Dai handle see my post here

Tires of course play a major part.

One compromise to the correct rear spring rate is an anti roll bar. They sort of work and will give a better ride than a stiffly sprung rear. They are though just a torsion bar that couples one side of the car to the other. So under load in a corner it applies force to both sides, whereas spring effect is on a corner by corner basis (sort of).

Have a read through my build thread about suspension or better yet search for “Koni” in "All most Track).


Thanks mate, you just taught Rocket science to a first grader! :wink:
I’m going to work on handling and forget about ride. Regarding the tires, not prob…I’m on super-cheap Champiro VP1 :laughing:

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No rocket science until we begin including geometry too.

Make one change at a time and test. Concentrate on how it goes/feels and not on how cool it looks.

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