Daihatsu Wheel studs

Anyone know what the spline dia. is for a normal daihatsu M12 wheel stud? I would measure mine but its a pain in the ass to remove the abs sensor ring to get one out. I think the spline is 14.2mm but hoping someone could confirm.
Thanks :blush:

Not sure. But I have swapped over to long ARP studs. There was 0.1 or so diff and the ones have been great. Also went away from M12x1.5 to M12x1.25 for better clamping force and consistency across all my vehicles.

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I am also contemplating going with a fine pitch, but in any case the rears will need to be at leas 5mm longer after fitting the discs. 13.4mm and 14.2mm seem to be the common sizes, I just gotta figure out which one I need

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Would have gone on the hunt for you. Alas we’ve had constant storms up here for over a week. Can’t get near anything to check with building works going on.

Not a prob, I should be able to knock one out of the front hub from the parts car. Just gotta wait for the snow to clear up here :sweat_smile: