Hello everyone, my name is Jason, and I’m a 43-year-old k-car fanatic. I was born on the island of Curaçao. At the age of 23, I moved to The Netherlands and have been living there since. I was looking for a challenge; a light, small, unique k-car. I fell in love with the L80 and how the 3 cylinder sounded.

After a drive of 1 Hour and 30 mins later…

Looking forward to getting to know all of you Dai enthousaist :wink:


Clean looking l80! Welcome, looking forward to seeing more of the car.

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Welkom! Any plans you have for her?

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Welcome. Netherlands is a good place to be with all Daihatsu people there is there and it seems a lot of them are on here. ( they’re all awesome by the way!)


Hi @Mophius , I have a few plans to make it more fun on the road. I have driven it as a daily for a year, she brought me to work and back home every day… I have started a ej-ve turbo swap… the engine is curenlty in for mocking, like any female she is putting up a fight with room for the manifold, as the L80 is one of the smallest chassis so I’ve heard. I’m slowly getting there. I have had some very high offers to weld, so high that I told them, for that money I will buy my own welder and weld it myself. :thinking:


It’s nice :smile:

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G’day mate and nice build of the L80. I have a soft spot for this model, my Nanna had one and unfortunately I didn’t have room to keep it.
I have given your Instagram account a follow from both my accounts, I look forward to the updates.

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It’s difficult to believe that Australia has room shortage. I’ve heard that people live in tight European-style circumstances, only in Perth :thinking:

Thank you for you reply and support, these cars are fun even stock. :grin:

My house is 250m² on a 285m² block, I don’t have room for anything extra.