Daily Taxhatsu (L701)

Hi all,

I work for an IT company and have a company car. if you want to drive the car privately here in the netherlands you have to add a certain percentage of the catalogue price to your income tax, since in the near future i would be upgrading my tesla to something else so i was looking for a solution.
There is a little loophole in that taxsystem, you can drive a “youngtimer” (car older than 15 years) and add the “current day worth” of the car and add 35% to your yearly income tax, so on the hunt for something cheap, the hunt for the Taxhatsu has started and i bought one a few days later.

After reading a lot in this forum i started to feel the urge to get started with my little Taxhatsu.

First of all, Headunit. After seeing the interior the first thought i got: that fits a 2 din radio with carplay. On my way back getting the little rustbucket i picked up a pioneer with carplay support. sadly it doesnt fit without some modding. in the end got it fitted well enough for my likings.

If anyone is looking for a phonemount (iphone) this spigen magsafe mount is a solid option! fully magnetic and a little magnet on the back for the charging cable!

2nd Upgrade, time for a little bass! a friend of mine heard of my purchase and gave me his old active sub. and is plenty of wub for my liking. (all say hi to mando)

Next thing that makes a big change to the car: Wheels.
I’ve searched day and night for a nice set. and really loved the superturismos from OZ but couldnt really justify spending the same amount of money on wheels/tires than what i spend on the car.
After seeing Blyatsu’s buildlog (no idea how to tag someone?) i fell in love with the MSW 85’s aswell and got a super solid deal on a set (€90,- a wheel due to an open box set) and bought the same nankang tires with it.

A friend of mine works at kwikfit and threw them on the same day i got them.

And i’ve got to say… they look amazing on blue. but they fit silver pretty decent too!

Earlier than expected the Taxhatsu got its new friend:

So far i have a little to-do list:

  • TR Front bumper
  • Lowering springs/Coilovers. currently way to soft
  • Rolling fenders
  • Window Deflectors
  • Rust treatment quite some surface rust here and there due to bad repairs.
  • New Plates, they’re quite worn.
  • HKS green podfilter. (Cuz shiney colors)

Can any of the dutchmen point me in the right direction where i have to search for the TR bumpers? i’ve been eyeing marktplaats for weeks now, havent seen a single one so far. if you have a spare laying around? hit me up!


It seems to get increasingly harder to find TR/Aero stuff. Sometimes a member of the L7 club will sell one so I’d keep an eye out on that. Hopefully someone here has one collecting dust. You can also look for parts in Germany as they had them on the FUN edition.

Also I hope you keep those bumper strips on because the small ones look good imo :smiley:

Is that the L7 club NL Facebook group? i’ve joined it but it seemed a little inactive.
I did see they organize a meetup in september, if i’ve got time im absolutely joining

The facebook is a tad inactive but the Whatsapp group is pretty active.
I think a lot of us are gonna be at Daihatsutreffen | Copentreffen Nederland on the 2nd September in Raamsdonksveer as well!. I’m certainly gonna be there!

[quote=“95thTriwen, post:1, topic:6386”…A friend of mine works at kwikfit…[/quote]I couldn’t find a scissors lift offered by that company. Nevertheless, portable lifts for those who have little storage place is a brilliant idea

You looking for a scissor lift or a place to get the car up in the air?

Next little update:

I was looking for new doorspeakers too. Daihatsu uses the 3 point speaker mounts so i got a little creative and 3d printed my own brackets. they fit 130mm speakers

I chose some Boxmore LXE C130 Coaxial set (dutch brand). Big improvement from the factory set, definitely needs some dampening material in the door to imrpove it further.

If anyone is looking for some i can make them for cheap and ship them anywhere.

Also found these online:


if anyone want some cover me the shipping and ill send one your way (tips are appreciated tho)

:L200 2door
:L700 2door
:L700 modded
:G102 charade

Credits @Lukekei

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[quote=“95thTriwen, post:6, topic:6386”]You looking for a scissor lift…[/quote]Yes. I don’t have a garage. Therefore, it would be great, if the lift was as compact and lightweight as possible for a vehicle that weighs well under 900 kilos

They’re not cheap, but maybe something youre looking for: Autobruggen | HBM Machines

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At 780 kilograms, that one you’re using is almst as heavy as your car, even though it doesen’t look that heavy

That bottom right one seems to me as a M300? If so I would really like it

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Looks like it, Shoot me a PM and ill print you one

Hi all,

Can someone point me into the right direction for a Boss adapter for a L7,

I scored a nice wheel on the local tradehub and really wanna fit it in the cuore.

I’ve emailed a few companies and got many replies that they have no idea.

the only “usable” reply i had was that the steering shaft from the cuores is the same as a mk1 supra.

Will a non airbag boss adapter fit? or should i order from japan? (not my preference)


I’m using a Mk1 Supra hub on mine and it fits very well. You can make an airbag warning light delete yourself. I just wired in a resistor on an original airbag clip.