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So I went to a dyno day today to get some figures before an aftermarket ECU and a change of turbo.
Any guesses of what she ran? :smiley:


My guess 28fwkw


35fwkw. _______________________


I will go 38.2kw


Haha close! I was expecting as much as @FrAsErTaG. I was pretty surprised with the result myself. :slight_smile:


Did Evilhighway just win a Copen seeing as he had the closest guess?

That’s nice and healthy Carl.


very nice mate well done. :slight_smile:


Hahahah he can test drive it if he visits the Dai community down here :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @Mr_Gormsby. The tuner said she’s still got some more in her, just need to change the ECU and do a tune. But as she sits right now, I’m very pleased.

Thanks @evilhighway :slight_smile:


Very nice! Sorry @Carl… I thought you were doing a pre mod dyno :stuck_out_tongue:


So fraaking awesome man. It’s already come such a nice way.


All good @FrAsErTaG :stuck_out_tongue: haha this would be a pre-better turbo, after market ECU and an upgraded fuel system dyno. :joy:

Cheers @applegeek897 man! She definitely has :slight_smile: Not even near half of what my goals for her to be is :slight_smile:


Replaced my bonnet rod holder today.
For those wondering where to get one aside from maybe eBay, I got mine through Toyota. Part no. is [ 5345290351 ]. It’s not the cheapest thing at $5.50, but if you’re like me, Impatient. haha :joy: the convenience of just walking in to the parts dept and asking for one is better than waiting a few days or a week if you get one online.


nice $5.50 that’s cheap I paid $6.15 for a fuse at super cheap lol ( it was a 30 amp fuse) I also went to get just the standard 15 amp fuses and they had none I asked if they had anymore and ofcoarse super cheap barbie started rattling off all the stores near by that had them. I said I would just wait no hurry. Then SC Barbie tells me they are disscontinued??? wtf they were the main ones being sold as all others were there?

Sorry I dont know how that got to a supercheap rant but $5.50 is good for retial of little things like that especially item specific


Ahahah how dare them discontinue the 15 amp fuses, its like the most commonly used one! :joy:


a normal blade fuse or what?
cause i call BS


probably just a lazy or stupid.


Lazy and stupid is also an option


Hi guys, just thought I’d put a little update on the car. :smiley:

I’ve got a Powerhouse DTM short throw shifter coming in from Japan. Should hopefully be here by the end of this week or sometime next week. :slight_smile:

and also just finished building my new wheels :smiley: They are Enkei Racing S from the 90’s I believe. Size are 15x6 +38
It fills up the guards nice and flush with no poke at all. also running the standard size tyre 165/50/15.


Work never stops here with the Copen.
Just doing aesthetics for now till I can go back to the track and get more baselines before buying more performance parts. :joy: Anyways so yeah my boss gave me a whole underglow kit, so that’s what I’m doing right now. :joy:


Man oh man, the wheels suit it sooooooo well. Although, after that insta picture from today those could also look amazing!