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Thanks @applegeek897 ! I’m trying to get her ready for Hot Import Nights by the end of this year hey. How’s your car going?

Another little update on the car. Ordered a 3 piece Carbon / FRP front lip from Aeroworkz. I Was told that it will take 6-8 weeks for manufacturing plus another 4 weeks for shipping. 2 weeks later after ordering it, I got a phone call saying it’s ready for pickup. :smiley: On the other hand, the short throw shifter 8 weeks ago still hands arrived :frowning:


Holy shit balls @Carl, the lip looks freaking amazing man. Suits the car so well. As for my car, just doing it’s normal daily duties. Need to set some time aside to do the box as it’s going to be quite a job. Also rego just hit me, which has hurt the kitty bad.


2017 Tokyo motorshow concept Copen

Carl, they should have just copied yours, as it looks more balanced in proportion.


Copen factory, worth a look


Nothing against the older Copens but that new one looks hot :heart_eyes:


New one is too fussy, styling cues just mimic the current crop of big Japanese makers. Old one has fluid styling.


I think we should agree to disagree on this one :stuck_out_tongue: I Have to agree with @Mr_Gormsby I think the new ones look too much like a lancer/ nearly every other new jap car front and looks like it has that chunky nissan Juke body in a convertible


So what are you doing to your gearbox again @applegeek897? Aw damn! I hate the feeling when rego is up and you gotta fork out so much money just to drive your pride and joy on the road :frowning: I gotta start saving up for my rego soon too, and more parts :sweat_smile:

I wasn’t aware of this! Thanks @Mr_Gormsby. Now I’m gonna add that to my destinations to visit for when I eventually go to Japan sometime next year :smiley:
I also agree with @Mokeman and @evilhighway I’m not a big fan of the new Copen too. It looks hyundai~ish haha.
and also side by side with the first gen Copen it looks like a squished lillte SUV. They made everything an inch or so taller, side profile wise… The doors are about an inch and a half taller too just for perspective. I went to have a look at the very first one that came here to sydney.


Auto to manual conversion sir. That also includes a nice custom button clutch. Need to get the flywheel that I have machinened first though.


I would say more beemer/lexus then lancer?
The new Copen to me looks the goods and would love one over my old Copen


I see. :d How much power are you expecting?

So I just finished making a little spacer for my number plate. It was hitting the carbon fibre lip and I didn’t want it scratched more than it already has from 2 days of being on.

here’s how it sat.

I even put a bit or rubber strip on there so it’s not metal against clear coat. But still eventually got small scratches.

So I picked up a 450mm 25mmx25mm alloy square tubing from bunnings, cut it to length, and drilled 4 holes. Also went through my stash of hardware and found some pretty looking m6 bolts I got from ebay. Conveniently the tube is already anodized black and I didn’t have to paint it anymore.

Here it is mounted on the bumper. I could’ve gotten away with using just 2 bolts. But I didn’t have any lying around that was long enough to go through the spacer.

pretty bolts on the inside too. even though no one will ever see it. :joy:

And bolted the plate on the spacer with nylon locknuts inside to make sure the plate doesn’t fall off.

here’s an after shot after the spacer. that plate ain’t touching that carbon fibre ever again. I’ve made around 7mm of a gap away from the lip now and Also the spacer is just thick enough to move the plate away, but not look out of place. Unlike using one of those number plate holder tilty thingos you can buy from the internet. :joy:


Totally love your Copen keep up the good work.

Seeing that you’ve made dyno runs you can use the graph to see where your peak torque and power is; that’s the area you need to shift. When the turbo is breathless up top, the car is going nowhere.
With the stock turbo on my EFJL I used to shift at 7500rpm, I had no limiter. After learning what I told you shifted just before 6k and was a much better drive,won more races :wink:


is the new copen still a electric hardtop convertible ?
I like the red on not sure on the blue one


So I was really bored the other night, then outta nowhere had the urge to shoot really bad and felt inspired. I haven’t felt like that in years (I used to take photos 24/7 and actually considered photography as a profession at one stage. But I lost my way somehow. Anyways…) , So I quickly grabbed the camera and car keys and drove around. Here are the results.


Awesome photos man… I really like the first one with the wheels standing out so much… Definitely the most tastefully done Copen imo…


Thanks @Daiharris ! :slight_smile: I appreciate it. I like that shot too, shame I missed the focus a tad hahah.


Awesome shot

Need not be so critical of yourself, u jus shaking off the rust


I love that interior pic personally.


Hi guys! Another little update on the Copen. So as good as the Aeroworkz lip fits, there were still gaps between it and the bumper and it has been bothering me.

So I ordered Rubber seals from Toyota and the part numbers are shown in the pic, in case you need some too :slight_smile: It should cost you just about $7 :slight_smile:

I actually ordered 2 different thickness seals, but ended up using the thicker one. It just looked a bit better.
Now the lip looks more like it came like that from factory. :slight_smile:


I dont know where to post this anywhere on here, but it’s JB/Copen related so I’ll just post it here haha.
I have been in touch with the owner of Mo-Fac in Japan, ( a Copen specialist/tuner ) and he has produced a new batch of replacement manifolds and highflow cat/downpipe for people that want to convert to single scroll using a RHF5. Definitely looks good. And he claims the setup will be good for 200hp, with supporting mods.