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Do you have any idea on the prices Carl . Also could you post or pm me a link to his website or facebook page, he would probably be using the JC forged crank , rods and over bored to 822cc like the take off copen to get to 200 horse.


I found his facebook page and website Carl…nice work. http://www.mo-fac.com/index.html


Willwood Copen brakes :flushed:


Nice i know but $1642 aussie dollars plus shipping for the basic kit.


I’ll ask for you Micheal @601to602 :slight_smile: Sorry I forgot to add his website hehe, but glad you found them. I’ve found a number of shops that specializes in Copens, but out of all of them, Mofac has the most content online and in magazines.
And yes, I believe he does bore them out to 8xxCC


@601to602 Hey Michael, only found time to log on today. He has told me how much the whole kit will cost including gaskets and all. There must be a translation issue haha. The translation is 35 MILLION YEN. :joy:


Update: 19 September 2017
Beware sad pictures of a Copen
The car was taken away to the Smash repairs. One of our customers was towing his 1936 Buick in for repairs, when he accidentally hit the Copen with the car trailer. :cry: So far looks like the damage is mostly the fender. My tyre popped, the sill has a small damage on it and looks like my wheel alignment is screwed as well.
Hopefully it’s not too expensive to repair so the car won’t get written off. :disappointed:



Oh No!


not good at all. cant imagine finding parts for these would be that easy


It was actually easier that I thought Michael. Theres a wrecker here in Sydney that has 4 Copens in the yard. Managed to pick up a guard for $150.

While I had the guard off, I also cleaned inside behind the guard. Haha. why? Why not! :joy: . PSX_20171013_210112

And yes I ended up fixing the car myself. I checked on the car 3 weeks after they took the car away, and its never been touched. More so my insurance telling me that they didn’t want anything to do with me because I’ve had my license suspended at one stage, and they don’t insure people that have lost or had their license suspended, there I was thibking I was covered because they’ve been taking money off of my account. But anyway I’m over their bull feces and got my money back. And cancelled my so called “policy” with them.


well that was lucky then. have never seen one at the wreckers before


Here’s to another update. Today I picked up the set of adjustable coilovers I bought from Japan!

A very plain looking box, with just the brand sticker on it.

But inside lies all of these goodies. :smiley: Mmmm :yum:

So we started pulling the old suspension out, to install the new Spiegel ones. :smiley: the whole process took no more than 30 minutes. I love how simple these cars are to work on.

Fast forward 2 hours later, after a little break and supper, I started to play around with the height.
I got the fronts to how I want it to be, but I cannot get the rears to match the fronts. still scratching my head on why that would be anyways so I just left it as it is for now. I’ll play around with it more tomorrow


Nice build thread Carl, I’ve seen your car around Sydney, I’ll be sure to say hi next time


Now that you have adjustable bases, get it corner weighted.


BLOWOW!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Maaaan those look nice.
Dial them in and let us know how they work out


Epic stuff as always man, it’s really looking good now!


Dude, this thing looks sex!! Well done on a really tastefully modded Copen.
I’ve got a set of RS*R Super Downs on the way, but now I’m thinking I should have gone for the coilovers…


Thanks @crzie! and sure thing! :smile:

@FortisD man a month later :sweat_smile:, I finally got them to their sweet spot. They feel amazing on the road, and on track! They’re very stiff, but well dampened. :smile:

Thank you so much @gotboost! The RS*R Super Downs are fantastic too! :+1: If your shocks are still in good condition, they feel very well matched to the factory shocks with the added benefit of having the car lower to the ground, and they’re also a progressive spring, so the more they compressed the harder they were. Mine used to lift-off oversteer a lot on the RSRs.

Here are some of the most recent photos of the Copen from the Mighty Car Mods track event.
Cruising through the Paddock.

Cool down lap, Turn 1.

Oh and also since the previous update, I’ve painted the guard that I’ve replaced. She’s all one colour again :smiley:


@Carl how did you dial in the suspension?


I have just re -read your entire thread as My mrs and I got a black copen on the weekend. The intercooler piping has already been upgraded and has possible d sport springs in it also ( i spotted a D on the rear yellow spring) It has a nice little body kit also. Not ht best condition but ok Your thread has really helped me decide on what I was thinking about doing.
I do have one Question. How do you go about seatbelts with the retraction issue they have? Mine are terrible. Wondering if I can make universal’s fit in.