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Epic job there and a super result on the wrap!


Thanks @b_hoves and @Testing386 :smiley:

Here’s the finished car! :smiley:
Thanks to @applegeek897 for the photos from WTAC.
I’m absolutely stoked with the result. And I’m super proud of accomplishing such a massive task.
But it doesn’t stop there. I still have a new set of wheels in the garage waiting to go on, once the camber axle arrives, they’ll be going on ASAP.

Also I have also been looking at a new seat. I still have the Bride Ergo 1 and it’s still a fantastic seat. But I’d like to sit a bit lower now and also the seat is a big too big for my body.

So I’ve been looking at some Bride fixed back buckets.
Currently looking at either the Illest or the Vertex.



I would definitely try having a seat in them first if possible. I know when I drive our copen I tend to slouch back a fair bit. Not like my mrs who I think has the seat like she gonna headbutt the steering wheel. I get worried about fixed back on street car for comfort factor


Car looks absolutely stunning. I’d be right pleased with that result.


Yeah I’ve already tried sitting in them @evilhighway
I like the way they feel. And I always like to have my back rest pretty straigt anyway with a very very slight slouch. I have no issues with running them, I think I’ll be pretty comfy hahah.
I’ve also got a steering wheel quick release on the way, to make it easier to gwt in and out of the car for when I get the new seat.


good thinking with steering wheel. can be a challenge getting in and out sometimes with stock setup.


Thanks @evilhighway
The quick release arrived today! :smiley: I’m so stoked!
So I ordered the THIN version from NRG. Because I have a standard size hub. Otherwise, if I got the standard size Quick Release. It would have been way too close for comfort.


There’s no slop/freeplay whatsoever. And it brings the wheel closer by 1.75 inches. Which I found out is now Ideal for me. I also like the added benefit of security, for when I would have to leave the car out on the street.


Anytime good sir. Couldn’t believe the car when I saw it in person. Certainly keen to get some proper pics when the car is done. Will it be ready for when LSP comes?


Hopefully it’ll be ready! I have the new wheels on the front now. Seriously just a waiting gane for the camber axle, I’ll give Garage88 a call tomorrow and see if it’s there :smiley:

Here’s a teaser photo (my little brother’s Wagon R)


is that the 1.6 powered wagon r?


Yes Sir! That’s the one. It’s getting a bunch of upgrades too. Getting it ready for the kei meet we’re having on the 16th.


but it cant go cause its not a kei. hahahahahahahaha!
just joking ofcoarse damn that thing would fly. When I saw it for sale the was a want for it :slight_smile:


AHAHAHAHA! We’re not purists over here! :joy:. It goes pretty good! More torquey than fast, if you get what I mean. When I raced it at the track with the precious owner, my Copen can JUST keep up with it haha, it pulls away slowly


wow really I thought it would have just pulled away no probs. that is really surprising


That’s what I thought too. Haha but when I raced a completely stock copen from an 80 roll, mine easily pulled away hahah. And also have raced an EK civic, D16 non vtec and pulled away from a 20 roll. :sweat_smile:
So I guess the Wagon R is pretty quick if raced with other small cars.


UPDATE 27/11/18

Today I received a part I bought from Japan. :smiley: What did I buy you might ask. :wink:
I thought I’d start giving the engine bay some attention and bought a carbon cooling panel :smiley:
For those that might ask who I used to order this… I used Jesse Streeter. I was skeptical at first even tho I know a lot of people that have bought stuff through them. They were easy to speak to and the transaction went smooth. I can definitely recommend them and I will go use them again. :+1::+1:

Anyways here’s the box it came in.

Inside the box, the part was well protected with a lot more cardboard and a lot of Japanese newspapers.
Once I got to the part, it was covered in bubble wrap and a thin layer of paper.

Inside all the packaging is this beautiful piece of carbon. :heart_eyes:

Now I was super eager to install it, but when I put it up against the Rad/Condenser. It didn’t fit.
It doesn’t clear the condenser bracket so it could be mounted on the Radiator…
*now I know why the Ad said for race use only. AHAHAHA. *
I will need to cut the part to clear the condenser bracket. :expressionless:

Here’s a photo of a DSport one. This is how I thought it was gonna fit. I could’ve bought this one, but the anodized aluminum will just fade off overtime plus the carbon looks sexier IMO. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for viewing :smiley: Stay tuned for more progress on this part.


Diamond saw if you need to grind or cut it.


I’ve been using Jesse Streeter for about 5 years and is the only person I’ll use for getting stuff from japan. Great communication and always helpful.

The cooling panel look great. Hopefully you can get it fitted without too many hassles


Thank you @Mr_Gormsby. I’ll go to bunnings later to get a diamond cutting blade for my dremel.


UPDATE 29/11/18

Modified the cooling panel to fit. Had to cut about 40mm in total. Here are the photos. Love the way it looks and fits now. :smiley: