Dais at Japfest NL 2023

Hey all, I wanted to share some pictures from Daihatsus I saw on Japfest last month. To me it feels like they are gaining popularity as there were way more Daihatsu cars than in previous years.

YRV Turbo

Sirion M1

Cuore L2


Cuore L7

Including me :blush:




It’s disappointing to have missed out. When will next year’s Japfest take place and where?

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Daihatsu YRV 1.3 Turbo Automaat 2004 Grijs
€ 6.450,00

The yrv turbo is for sale. I think he expects he has a gold yrv because the price is way to high in my opinion

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It’s every year on Whit Monday, so next year would be May 20th. Location is TT Assen.

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Woah woah woah, that is quite expensive. But I must say the exterior looks really clean, although it’s not really my taste.

[quote=“Mophius, post:3, topic:6316”]…the price is way to high in my opinion…[/quote]Even when adjusting for monetary inflation and the rising demand for used vehicles, this price can only reflect the cost of repairing this rust bucket of which he is trying to recuperate. If the sheetmetal were to be rust-free from the beginning and the vehicle had been owned by someone who didn’t push it to the limits, the highest I would go would be 4000€, at that certified (electronic odometers are prone to tampering) kilometer reading. The turbocharger and automatic gearbox certainly makes it attractive to my demands


Jup he’s trying to get his “investment” back i guess. The list with new part is just basic maintenance. I don’t understand the new paint. Why make it such a specific two-tone car with (illegal) darkened head and and taillights? That just limits the amount of people who would like this car. I personally like blue but i don’t like this cars paint. He thinks the paint will make the car worth more but that only is the case if someone really loves that color.

It has been for sale for quite some time and i dont expect it to be sold quick. I do hope it sells quick though for him.


That’s why I consider money I put into the car as gone :upside_down_face:. Sure some things will increase value, but not a lot usually. I’d probably be better off parting out at that point.

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