Dale's G202 named Colan

Sold the Nissan Poosar today and paid the last payment on a G202, and we took it home.
You can complete a MR1 form online which makes buying unregistered cars easier in SA.
I also insured the car today too.

According to the sticker under the bonnet it still has 70,000 km before the timing belt

And of course I agreed not to modify it but I can’t help replace out of production items with items of superior performance.


Don’t think “modification”, just re-engineer as required.

Nice buy. Appearance wise I love this sort of thing.

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Great score man. I love the cb series over the h series even if underpowered I would still love a g202 agian. This is very presentable too. well done :slight_smile:

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Better to be on the limit of an under powered then to never be on full power in an over powered car


Looks pretty clean. Good score!

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Things that need not immediate attention
LH wheel bearings
RH lower control arm
Both driveshafts


Is that a 3 cyl ?

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Why yes it is. I do like a cb24 engine.

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I gave been collecting parts for repairs and modifications

I will also be changing the head unit for my Eclipse CD3424 from 2005, so I will have digital cross overs to run my 6.5 inch splits and for now I will be using 7x10s for bass only, until I can afford 2 6 inch Massive Sumo subs.


It’s been some time now and the car has been very reliable. There is however a small issue of water coming in near the fire wall from the fresh air plenum. This issue has caused me to name the car, Colan. Short for colander.

Of the known issues, I have collected parts but replaced none.
I changed the head unit again for a new JVC and fitted one of the amps. The 7x10s have becomes subwoofers, the front 6.5" speakers are running off the head unit, and all high and low pass filters are controlled digitally via the JVC.