Dale's G202

Sold the Nissan Poosar today and paid the last payment on a G202, and we took it home.
You can complete a MR1 form online which makes buying unregistered cars easier in SA.
I also insured the car today too.

According to the sticker under the bonnet it still has 70,000 km before the timing belt

And of course I agreed not to modify it but I can’t help replace out of production items with items of superior performance.


Don’t think “modification”, just re-engineer as required.

Nice buy. Appearance wise I love this sort of thing.

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Great score man. I love the cb series over the h series even if underpowered I would still love a g202 agian. This is very presentable too. well done :slight_smile:

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Better to be on the limit of an under powered then to never be on full power in an over powered car


Looks pretty clean. Good score!

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Things that need not immediate attention
LH wheel bearings
RH lower control arm
Both driveshafts


Is that a 3 cyl ?

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Why yes it is. I do like a cb24 engine.

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