Dale's GTVi

G’day everyone, as most of you know I daily a Sirion GTVi (m101 to be precise). This car is largely I undocumented, I take pictures but never do anything with them until now.
This picture of from January 31st 2016, the day before my son Riley was born. This was coincidently the day we ironed out the last of the rebuild wrinkles.

As you know I rebuilt this engine in a mate’s workshop, with approximately forty hours and $2200 later it was done. I had never rebuilt an engine before this but this one was very thorough.

Skipping ahead until now, I have been just servicing as required. Until I decided to rid of those ugly alloys in favour of factory steel wheels because I couldn’t find a set of series one five spoke alloys for a decent price.

I decided it was time to fit the new sway bar bushes too, they required some persuasion to fitting as the D bushes aren’t available for a 24mm front sway bar.


are you after factory gtvi alloys at all? I may decide to get rid of mine once i go to my other 5 spoke 14’s but unsure at this stage but will let you know when I do if your interested. And also I have heard and seen the video of this and sounds great from what I can hear of the exhaust. :slight_smile:

Ooh yes please, if and when you decide to part with them I will be interested.
Also this exhaust is obnoxiously loud, it’s a bastard. I like it sometimes but would like some more stealth.

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Here is a cold air intake I made using half of an EJ-DE air box and a hole saw. I want to keep the GTVi parts in original condition, without hacking them up.


I did a thing, I finally replaced the front passenger window switch. Now I can open the window again.

I’m still thinking of making some headers, and putting one of my mufflers in the exhaust to shut it up.


Stupid car keeps costing money, replaced the master window switch today. My son was testing it for longevity and it failed.