Dave - ‘93 Feroza

Hi everyone,

So I bought a $1600 Feroza off Facebook to have as weekend fun car on an impulse. It’s in good nic but will need a bit of work so I thought why not join up here so I can pick all your brains when I get stuck! And hopefully share any information I find as I go along.

Nice to meet you all,



welcome aboard Dave. Im no feroza expert to say the least but I’m sure there is some info and other’s will be able to help out with some info if needed.

Hi mate welcome.


The new car.


Hey mate, hope you ended up getting that feroza fixed up.

I picked one up earlier this year as well and bloody love the thing. There’s some good info on here, but if you aren’t already aware WARFS.org has been a bloody amazing resource for fixing up mine too. The Daihatsu Rocky and Feroza Australia Facebook page is great too.


Welcome Dave. Great that you joined us.

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