DECK VAN for life!

Hi, my first venture into the land of Daihatsu. And its with a Kei car, well van really, actually pick-up.
Its a 2010 Hijet Deck Van. A real rarity here in Melbourne, actually its rare ANYWHERE!


Welcome mate That looks absolutely awesome!

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So cool. Welcome

Welcome! Looks awesome :slight_smile: any plans you have for it?

Nothing major. It’s my local runaround car so as long as it looks cool I’m happy.
Although the 80km/h top speed is a bit restrictive. The bigger wheels helped.


80km/h pfft, truly build for the city. Still, looks cool :slight_smile:

Its not about the speed, it’s about the style…

Welcome to the forum. Nice Deck Van!

Much to my enormous surprise, after initially rejecting it, Vic Roads have back-flipped and allowed me to get my DCKVAN number plate!
I’m pretty sure they knew the whole double entendre I was going for, but I sent them a photo of the cars badging and pleaded that DCKVAN was just a shortened version of the cars name. And they conceded!.


That is astonishing they allowed it - well done to fight for it!

This is what convinced them.

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Ha that’s awesome. Wish we could get custom plates here :frowning:

Nice Dickvan.

Well, you have a really nice Deck Van.
I know this is for home use but it may help in maintaining your Dck and keeping looking wonderful!

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Thats choice Bro…
Someone told me (and they could well have been talking shit) that Deck vans are popular in NZ where they use them in wineries and such instead of side by side UTV’s .