Defra's 2005 Siron2 1.3

Hi there this is the start for my sirion2!
its a 2005 siron 1.3. sport.
for now its full standard as it was delivered in 2005.
the sport edition came with the foglights, back spoiler and sideskirts.
the rims are matt black i suspect the preveous owner gave them a paint job.

this list is what going to be done first to improve the looks slightly:
1: Tint the back windows.
2: Paint the brakes (undecided on color yet)
3: The front bumper the bar were the licence plate is mounted on paint it black or give it a carbon wrap
4: Investigate and maybe change the exhaust
5: Install multimedia system (2din) and swap the speakers to some better quality ones

in the mean time ill save up some spending money and see what else i want to do to the car
i am interested to get the alloy protectors installed from alloy gator but again im undecided on a color yet

ill post update pictures allong the way i make the changes.
If anyone has suggestions/ideas/examples feel free to share them with me here!

here some pictures how i am starting my adventure
(i dont know much about cars etc but i am willing to learn to do things myself )


Nice looking car. I am a fan of the M300 Srions. Looking forward to seeing more.

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