Defra's 2005 Siron2 1.3

Hi there this is the start for my sirion2!
its a 2005 siron 1.3. sport.
for now its full standard as it was delivered in 2005.
the sport edition came with the foglights, back spoiler and sideskirts.
the rims are matt black i suspect the preveous owner gave them a paint job.

this list is what going to be done first to improve the looks slightly:
1: Tint the back windows.
2: Paint the brakes (undecided on color yet)
3: The front bumper the bar were the licence plate is mounted on paint it black or give it a carbon wrap
4: Investigate and maybe change the exhaust
5: Install multimedia system (2din) and swap the speakers to some better quality ones

in the mean time ill save up some spending money and see what else i want to do to the car
i am interested to get the alloy protectors installed from alloy gator but again im undecided on a color yet

ill post update pictures allong the way i make the changes.
If anyone has suggestions/ideas/examples feel free to share them with me here!

here some pictures how i am starting my adventure
(i dont know much about cars etc but i am willing to learn to do things myself )


Nice looking car. I am a fan of the M300 Srions. Looking forward to seeing more.


So its been a bit silent from my end but im still reading trough the forums enjoying other peoples work…
i had some unexpected expenses wich put some of my plans on hold…

Soon ill be able to start doing some things…
As i mentioned ive never realy worked on cars myself so i talked with one of my friends a bit wich been a vw golf 2 freak as long as i can remember and he has his own little shack to work on cars so once i get parts he will help me get the things done ive never done myself…

In the mean time i did buy the foil to tint the windows and the bracket to install the 2din radio…
The problem i face is that except the public parking spaces in my street i have not much options to work on my car and its my daily at the same time so it needs to be done the same day, being divorced having three kids at my days off and work full time in public transport wich means work verry irregular times early mornings but also late at night makes it hard to find allot of time trying to get things done but eventualy we will get there!

Anyway a while back i noticed there was a slight change while driving the car it seemed like it lost power so i got to the garage that usualy does the maintenance of my cars to ask if he could look what caused this problem…
After drinking a cup of Coffee he figured out it was the rear brake being a little stuck so he solved the problem and made sure this wont happen again.

Other then the plans i made in my first post i realy like how the car looks as it is so im not planning on doing big changes to the apearance :slight_smile:

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So been a while but i finaly got the time and bits and pieces to install the 2din radio with android auto :slight_smile:

Now i will have to make a frame to cover up the surrounding of the radio because the frame is made for a bigger screen but this is a radio i had already laying around so untill i order a bigger one this will do for now :slight_smile:


So there is this gap around the radio cus it fits a bigger screen … the first idea was to 3d print a frame to cover it up…
But then i remembered i had some multiplex and carbon foil still laying around…

Step one:

Make a frame with masking tape.

Step two:

Put the tape on the wood and get the saw out.

Step three:

See if it fits

Step four:

Put on the carbon wrap

The result:

All in all not bad ill keep it as it is for now and see how it holds up


Yay another M301 :slight_smile:

So today i drove 280 km for my summer holliday with the Kids was actualy the first drive that took more than an hour. …
I read complaints about the seats i must say after 2 hours plus it was comfortabel enough for me…
Ok yeah my old car was a luxueuze ford mondeo station wich was more comfortabele and on the road like a tank but i love the go kart feel of my little car haha

Radio did its job with the android auto it navigated me to my destination… i was able to fit the three small suitcases in the trunk 3 Kids and myself.
The screen was sometimes hard to see with the sun and my polaroid sunglasses didnt help either but all in all im happy with it.

Picture of the car at our destination :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile: If you need any help or advice just let me know, I’ve changed/repaired enough on mine. I never managed to tint my windows though

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Thnx, tinting is one of the things still on the to do list together with painting front brake claw and rear drums haha

I wanna get it on a bridge and get it checked on rust etc before i spend more money on it…

Also i would love a l2d sticker on the rear windows

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