Detomaso, needs plenty of work

Hey all,
Is anyone interested in a sorely underutilised 94 charade with detomaso engine, front body kit, dash and side skirts?
The poor thing hasn’t been used in a number of years and would need plenty of care.
I’m in the process of having it towed to my new house and I’ll take some photos there, but was just seeing if theres interest


yeh photos would be great and also location of where it will be will help gauge more interest but I would say there will definitely be an interest.

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Cheers mate. I’ve moved it to the new place so a bit easier to take photos.
Location is up in Townsville so I’d imagine that would be the biggest hurdle.


And I’ve just given it a hose, but the clear coat has peeled off of the front and the roof has faded to a white

oh wow I that looks great do you know of what price you had in mind for it? or a ball park figure?
It may help with sale if people know what you have in mind lol

Honestly? Not really. Not looking to make big money on it or anything like that, so open to offers

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Hi Matt do you still have this car for sale?

Nice g200 detomaso