Diahatsu L701 wheel arch flrares

Morning fellow Diahatsu die hards.
Just wanting to know if anyone has fitted wheel arch flares to a 701 Cuore. Got some new wheels need a little extra room. Willneed to know where to buy etc, thanks in advance .

As in these?

Yes exactly , have a set of old cheviot brand wheels. They look very much like SSR mk2 wheels. Want to use them but need extra room . Your Gino looks cool, do you if I ask where you got your flares? I have seen some on ebay . But want make sure I get some to suit , ebay ones seem to suit bigger cars.

eBay. Haha.
I bought 3 sets in total to find which ones suited. TBH I don’t remember the size. They weren’t the smallest though… measure the arches. You will find there quite big. I had to heat gun the crap out of them though to squeeze down.

Ok cheers , I found some on ebay pics of them on a Cuore . Any others I looked at , were under $ 50 . The ones that are supposed to be correct are $200 from Russia lol.

No way. That’s crazy money.