Dieter from Belgium


My name is Dieter I’m Belgian.

For over 20years now I’m collecting Daihatsus:

Started whit a feroza, then a taft, rockys, hijets… lately started to get more interested in the cars

Tatf cabrio x2, taft metaltop, taft pickup, rocky canrio x4, rocky metaltop x2, rocky pickup x3, rocky lwb x3 , rocky coil springs lwb 2x, charade 1000 efi g100, gtti 2x, 1300 4wd g100, applause x2, cuore l55 that are the daihatsu I still own.

Other cars aswell but their not daihatsu


Nice! Got any pictures of them? And any thing you plan on doing to them?

Welcome Dieter!

Sounds like you have quite the collection!

Wow, that’s quite a collection. You must have a bit of space. Any pics?

Welcome Dieter aka Daiter

that sounds like an amazing collection, looking forward to the photos :slight_smile:

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