Difference in H series engines

I tried searching but couldn’t find what I was after.
What I’m wanting to check is, What are the differences between the HC and the HD heads?
I believe the cams are literally the only difference, or is their any extra changes;
-Are the valves the same length? (I know they are the same diameter)
-Are all the inlet and exhaust ports the same?
-I know the throttle bodies are 5mm bigger, what about the inlet manifold?
-Are the fuel injectors the same?

cams, throttle body and injectors from memory are different.

Today I compared some HC stuff beside some HD stuff, their is the well known 45mm vs 50mm throttle body change. I couldn’t tell any difference at all in the inlet manifolds (Terios, Applause, Feroza) .
The heads are different but only in the inlet ports, the gasket surface is identical however as soon as the inlet port goes towards the valves on the HC (1.3L) the port gets very skinny both in height and width, where the HD (1.6L) stays at full width and height as it travels to the valves.
I have looked at the valves and they appear the same (I did not measure length just diameter) and I don’t have the gear to measure the cams so I can’t say anything on them.

I’m sure you could port out the HC head to match the HD but their is a lot of meat to be taken out.

the cams have been covered in the Daihatsu Wiki section from memory could be worth having a read there and also sure the engines have been discussed, sorry been a few years since i have played with 4 cyls

Is their any difference in the ECU’s?
Are they interchangeable and do they have different maps on them?

If your going to change ecu the change the wiring loom with it unless you know the pinout’s then I wouldn’t recommend it. I remember years ago back on old daiforum someone did swap one (cant remember the details) and they did a bit of damage.