Differences between Daihatsu YRV and Perouda MyVi engines

I have a 2002 1.3 YRV and have fitted a low-mileage 2012 MyVi engine which is a guaranteed runner. But we can’t get it running! Retained the YRV injector rail, ECU and Immobiliser module / keys etc so the replacement engine is just mechanical, Nothing. Swapped the crank angle rotor - nothing. Tearing my hair out. The engines seem identical apart from an additional oil pressure port on the back of the crankcase. Are these effectively the same engine? Help!!!

I don’t think i’ll be able to help, but those on the forum that can would probably need a bit more info:

  • does it crank?
  • can you hear the fuel pump prime?
  • is it sparking?

From what I know they’re functionally the same, but may operate of different fuel/spark/crank sensors/types.


Hmm I thought it was immobilised and different ecu?
Also know there’s different immobiliser between auto and manual just in case you’ve swapped that?

no, the injector rail, ECU, wiring harness, Immobiliser, keys, crank position rotor and all that gubbins came from my 2002 YRV 1.3. What I have in is an engine that appears mechanically identical to the YRV, which is the 2012 MyVi 1.3 vvt. The only electrical parts that were not present on the YRV are the MyVi pick up which is behind the timing cover ( and could I accept be in a different angular relationship to the rotor, but appears identical ) and what looks like an additional oil pressure port on the back of the MyVi crankcase , which is not connected to anything now. Oh, and I replaced both Lambda exhaust 02 sensors. Help!!!

what i mean is from what i’ve looked at them - its the loom that has some different parts.
same as between sirion versions.
so you need ecu and looms to match the engine

This feels like I’m chasing a Unicorn. So I got the MyVi ECU, Immobiliser and Chipped Key but the ECU plugs are different to the YRV and I have simply been unable to find an intact wiring loom - they are all junked it seems. So back to square one. We now know pretty much that the Crank Angle rotor & sensor are different and that’s the problem. Can I fit the 04 YRV Timing cover with original Rotor & Sensor to the MyVi engine. Got to lift out again and I’m losing the will to live so if someone can advise me please before I get under the thing again. Help…!!!

Have you got a the wiring diagram for the myvi engine? You could potentially map out the differences in the yrv loom and doctor it to suit?

Also doesn’t the myvi timing cover have some strange mount on it? I recall reading a myvi blog (translated poorly with Google) that spoke of the myvi timing cover having an engine mount on it or something simular? Can’t recall 100%

Thanks Fraser. Yes, there is an additional engine steady boss cast into the MyvI timing cover, but it does not stop the engine slotting into the YRV hole and the original engine mounts fit & work. As for interpreting ( and tracing through ) the differences in the wiring loom that has proved way over my pay grade, and of three local mechanics with diagnostic kit and experience. I know I can get a spark on No. 4 and this leads back to the differences in the Crank Angle Rotor & sensor. So that is where I am at. I would just like a steer on whether there are any mechanical differences in the Rotor dimensions and Sensor position before I lift the engine out ( again! )… Thanks again…

Have you swap the trigger wheel? If new Malaysian Version K3-VE engine using 36-2-2 but yrv using 36-2.

Are u using yrv wiring or myvi?