DIY USB Greddy Blue Emanage Data Cable

Ok So this came about because I bought a second hand greddy Emanage Blue to put on my Daihatsu move. After discovering that the 5 dials for fuel control on the front of the greddy blue are pretty much useless with the exception of the first one for idle.

I didnt have the data cable to go from a lap top to the greddy blue. In this day and age eevrything is a usb cable so I tried one which has to have 2 male ends.
This did not work but the new usb became ppart of the solution.
I will be pinching some pics off the internet from other places (but will credit where I got them from) for this as I haven’t taken any of my own and probably cant get them as clear.

Ok the components you will need are :

*a usb tll converter ( this takes the 5v power and converts it to a 3.3v supply as is my understanding of it)
*a usb cable with atleast 1 end being male
*electrical tape or heat shrink to cover wires

Tools you will need are :
*a pair of scissors/cutters wire strippers
*optional is solder and a soldering iron.

Directions first acquire parts:-
a usb cable

then get a usb to tll converter

This is the exact one I got and it came with 4 small cables with pins to attach it.

Oh this one I have listed from ebay also comes with the driver’s needed to make it work on most windows platform’s and the drivers were available to download via a link from the ebay add. The latest driver is win 7 from memory but it will work with win ten, so i guess it will work with win 8 also.
This also came with 4 random coloured wires

So the first thing you need to do is cut off an end of the usb cable make sure you have a male end kept on this Strip back the wires so you put the sheilding wires to one side and you should be left with 4 wires.
red is power (5v)
Black will be your ground/earth (in my case it was silver for some reason)
Green will be Data +
White will be Data -

On the tll coverter there are 4 pins

It is just a matter and connecting the wires to the corresponding pins to do this the easiest way is strip your usb wires and cut the connectors off one end of the random wires that came with the tll converter and strip them. then join the wires and (solder optional) and cover with heat shrink or electrical tape. Just make sure you can still see which colour is which from the usb cable. then just connect them up. here is the reference.

Please note when you plug this into your computer it may install automatically that is ok but also go through the install procedure. It should come up in device manager as a com port. Mine came up as com port 5 other’s have been known to be com 4 or 3.
Once this has been done it should be ok to use with the Greddy although I will let you know of a couple of thing s that happened to me and one thing I have to do each time I plug this in and use it.
I got my 2 data cables around the wrong way so all i did was have to change them around and it worked.
Also every time I need to use the I have to got to device manager on my computer and update the driver, dont let windows choose it on win 10. you pick the let me choose thing and choose the driver from 2009 and not the latest one. i tried the latest and for some reason it wont work so make sure you choose the 2009 driver…

Pic credits to random ebay adds and the main other ones is credited too a web page that has this tutorial but it is for a rs232 db9 com port which are now pretty obsolete on most laptops and computers these days.

The reason I put this here is there is no way enough information on the net for easy access to do this and if it can help someone out of a jam its been worthwhile. Also bugger paying a high price for a cable and thats if you can even find one to buy.


Thsts a god tier write up bro… Hopefully I’ll never have to use it but it’s good to have the info there incase someone does… Mad props dude…

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Hi, I’ve been trying for years now to get my Emanage to work, or at least to connect it to the PC.
I’ve tried USB to TTL, and RS232 to TTL, apart from the nokia cable all the others I got them tested working on Hyper Terminal.

I don’t know what else I can do. I hope it’s not the emanage blue that I bought it used. There is something that I’m doing “different” that I hope it is the cause: I don’t have the emanage connected to a car, I’m using a Power supply 12v 1A DC, connected to the Power and ground cables of connector 1, this is the only “strange” thing I’m doing. When I give it power both active (green) and Interaction (orange) lights turn on, Non-blinking.

With the usb PL2303 HXA, when I connect it to the emanage, the Active light turns on for some seconds (without giving power to the emanage). Something that does not occur with the RS232, I guess because the RS232 +5v receives power in order to work, and the USB does the opposite, it gives power, which I find it odd because all tutorials USB or RS232 say connect positive to positive, but I think this is an important difference.

Any help?

“The standard serial port communicates with voltages levels -/+10v, however communication with the Emanage requires a range of 0-5v as it is a Logic Level device. You will need one of these that will accept an operating voltage of 5 volts.”

Also try it on an older OS like Windows98
Hope this helps

I can get my greddy to run on windows 10 through the usb cable thingy I made no probs

Really? thats good news. Do you have a usb to usb cable? Do you know what chip do you have? I have a PL2303 HXA which only have drivers up to Win 7

I just did what i did in this turorial and used a usb cable and chopped it so it went to a TLL connector with usb for pc end. Make sure you have the drivers for the tll usb connector installed and all i had to ddo was make sure i was using the right driver’s. if it was the wrong ones i would go in and choose the other ones and it would work. There was 2 lots of drivers after i plugged it into laptop. one i installed and the other auto from win10. Its the older driver that works.

I had someone else local to here have the same issue. when you are connecting it to the car make sure you have the car to on and then open the greddy program. You will know if it has properly as it will ask if to import the data from the main unit. As for updating it, the software you download and use should be the 1.49 release which is the latest one. I still have issues connecting sometimes and they can be a real pain in the butt. I am only persevering as I don’t really have much choice on spending anything else on the car.
You have probably checked all this but makes sure the tll driver’s and everything is working ok in device manager on your pc.
I could make another cable but will have to buy the parts and make sure it works etc etc. and will take time to do it all and I do fear that it may not work for you even if I test here first. But I will leave that up to you.
Greddy is honetsly a pain in the butt to work with recently I have been trying to tune with it again and the tps would work fine and then drop out randomly then for no reason at all the main unit lost it’s data about 3 times in one night. Some of that could have been from my bad setup using a chipped stock ecu and oversize injector’s that are too big for greddy parameters.
Re go through and try my suggestions and let me know how you go. Pics also help where you at with it.
oh do you have the driver’s?

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Hi. Thanks a million for the info. The only ones I can find on eBay have 5 pins now. One for 3.3v and one for 5.5v. Any ideas on which one I use when it comes? Cheers :slight_smile: