Does anyone have a pic of door lock location L200?

Hey guys I’m going to pick up my Mira tomorrow but oldmate who I’m buying it from has now told me he has lost the key… Not a big deal long tern as I can just rebarrel but I need to unlock the door to release handbrake so I can winch the car onto the car trailer…

So does anyone either have experience breaking into an L200 or does anyone have a photo of where the lock actually is so I can devise a plan?

Thanks boys

Coat hanger in the general direction of where the lock should be should do the trick.

Don’t have a picture but have had to do it a few times in the past

Yeah that was my generalish plan… Thanks bro!

packing tape takes about 5 minutes for unskilled people :slight_smile: double it, slide it through door seal and get around door knob pull both tight and lift. :slight_smile:

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Hahah I didn’t even think about that! Awesome man cheers I’ll take tape and a coat-hanger and hopefully I can Jimmy it open… Thanks brother!