Don't have spark

I had an engine swap done on my S82 hijet from the 659cc carbureted engine . To a 1.3l Daihatsu efi HC engine.
I have trouble getting spark,and I don’t know what’s the problem . The harness is some what in, but not all hooked up. I don’t understand the diagram and schematic either. Don’t know how to check if power is going to ECU for power, and can’t find anyone to install ,connect,and secure the wiring harness either. It’s like nobody does that kind of service anywhere where I live. If you ask me , I think they are all a bunch of pussies.
Is there anything anybody can suggest I do?

I would suggest you start by trying to install the harness completely. If you don’t know how you can try to learn it by using the diagram which tells you which wire/plug goes where. If you can’t learn it you might also be a “pussy”.

I completely understand why garages don’t help people with a Frankenstein build. If they help you they probably find out that either the harness doesn’t fit or needs repairing/altering. In that case many hours will need to be put in resulting in a large bill which most people don’t want to pay “because it’s simply putting in some plugs”. If it’s really that simple you can do it yourself. If its not that simple you have your answer why nobody wants to do the work.

Wow, no wonder no-one wants to help you with that attitude.