Drag racing Daihatsus

Remember this is rated in Malaysian HP, and the horses are half size. “Should reach 400hp”, means more like 150hp.


is Malaysian HP a thing, or do they just like to boast? (like everyone else :wink: )

That a-side, casting your own block is someone with a lot of time/money on their hands.

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Casting a block? Possible. Machining it expensive. Going to all that effort to put a two valve head with std rocker shafts, makes me think that something was lost in the translation from Malay to English, and really it has just had a few small bits custom fabricated.

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has anyone apart from the malaysians built a dedicated drag daihatsu?

Sort of

The point of doing so with a Daihatsu engine would not be to go fast but rather as Daihatsu passion. I have heardf (some engineering mates of one of my best friend’s father [all older guys] of a Suzuki 3cyl compound charged engine that runs with the dry lake racers in Australia. I once found info on the web showing just speeds and times for it (hard to find as there are so many classes). The point being, this is perhaps the best place to look at being “competitive” and going for a class record. I’ll have to check with my mate but they were talking over 300hp/litre [huge torque though].


Come to malaysia…see it by your eyes

You guys publish limited data to back up hp claims. I have been over there and was not terribly inspired.

yess…some time they just want to show off…big HP…means more power…but i more to track race…power is nothing with out control