Driveshaft or gearbox?

Hey all

Since a few days I noticed a sound coming from the right front side of my sirion (m300). It gets louder when taking a corner (sounds a bit like: “Duga Duga Duga” and when driving straight you can also hear it faintly. I jacked up the car yesterday and the sound seems to come from the gearbox. I wish I could upload a video I took of it but i don’t exactly know how to upload. When I put the car in gear you could hear a “klunk” coming from around the driveshaft near the gearbox. When I put the gearbox in neutral you could hear the sound when the driveshaft was engaging (there is always some play on the shafts). I also noticed that when I start driving in first gear and when changing to second gear you could hear a “klunk” when engaging the clutch. That klunk stops when you drive some miles.

I know my story doesn’t really make sense. And I know its difficult to decide what I could be over the internet but i was hoping that someone could tell me what I could check to determine if it is the driveshaft, gearbox or something else. I already checked the wheel bearings and they don’t seem to make any noise and the noise seems to be coming from the gearbox.

Any ideas? And could someone explain how I can upload a video of the sound?

Thanks in advance!

I’m sure there is someone else who has more experience than me, but I think it might be a CV joint (homokineet in Dutch). You can check if the CV boot is torn, which might’ve caused grease to come out and wear out the CV quicker. By turning the driveshaft by hand, back and forth, you can see or feel if there is any play on the joint.

Again, I’m not really familiar with these things, but it might help

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at a long guess I would narrow down to cv or drive shaft or maybe even a worn engine mount. That would be my guess.

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CV-joint was the word I was looking for! Any idea how much play there should be? Just a tiny bit of movement?

Never replaced something on the driveshaft of CV joint so this will be a first. Thanks for the replys I’ll check this weekend

it is easier to replace a whole new driveshaft with the cv joint’s than it is to replace just a cv joint as you have to take out the driveshaft anyway just to replace a cv joint.

Okay thanks for the tip. Since this car has many, many more problems I won’t keep it it forever so i prefer cheap and easy above quality. I guess I need to replace left and right simultaneously since in the right side is worn out, left will probably follow soon right?

I’m currently nearing the end of my graduation so I’ll probably start replacing them at the end of July. When I do replace them I’ll make sure to take some pictures and make a how-to

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