Dutch Daihatsu driver says Hi!

So hooray for speech therapy! :wink:

My name is Dee, I live in the Netherlands and since about 3 years I drive a '99 Gran Move 1.6 (aka Pyzar).
Also owned a '98 Sirion but that was way too small…and had too many electrical gremlins…

I stumbled upon your lovely website in my search to learn more about the differences between the JDM and export/EU version of the Pyzar/Gran Move.
Browsing & reading at the moment but maybe I’ll post a question when I still haven’t found what I’m looking for :sweat_smile:

Greetings, Dee


Welcome to the forum! Don’t see the Gran move a lot here. if I’m not mistaken there based on the chassis of the charade G200. (Model code for the Gran move is the G301 for the 1.6 and G303 for the 1.5))
As far as I know the JDM versions have slightly higher power output, that’s about as far as my knowledge for the gran move go’s :no_mouth:


Yes, you’re right, and the higher power output of the JDM version (115 vs 91 ps) is the reason why I’m trying to find out more :sunglasses:
Is it (only) because of a different ECU, or are there also other differences, like cam/valves, exhaust/cat, compression ratio etc.

Welcome to the forum, pretty sure its the ecu thats different in the jdm models, seems that way with most dai’s japan got higher outputs. Does yours have the 234mm front calipers or 250mm?

Welcome Dee. Glad you have joined us.


Ah, that would be great and kinda what I figured.
By calipers do you mean the diameter of the front discs? I think 250mm (at the rear it’s drums).

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Welcome to the forum.

Sorry, yep meant the disc size :slight_smile:

Hi welcome.