ED-10 Water pump

Hi Everyone - I have not been successful in finding a water pump for the ED-10. No where has stocked it in Adelaide and I cant find any online. Does anyone have one spare or know where I can purchase online?

ef/el are the same I think. only the eb (not ed) is shorter.

To my knowledge they are longer than the ED-10 pump. I will have to confirm this though. I have an ef-el pump on my old block. Will seen if it works

generally no but i had this issue years ago and it ended up the ed engine was from an L80 not a mira and had an eb water pump on it and I had to get an eb one to make everything work. Every other pump I tried ed or efel was the same size. Out of curiosity what is not lining up ? I know some of the water pump pulley’s also sit out at different spaces to and if it is a franken combo engine I have usually had to grind some ot the alterantor mount (on th alt itself) to get some alterantor’s to line up.

Have you tried Car Parts Plus in Lonsdale 8326 0377

I just though the EF-EL was longer and was told it wont fit. I havent tried looking for an EB water pump… I’m not sure if my ED-10 is from na L80 or L200.

Dale I havent tried there as of yet but thankyou for the suggestion.