EF-EL ECU two of - both std

EF-EL ECU. Two std EF-EL ecus. Free if you pick up (Gold Coast area) or sent for the price of postage plus $5 for packing materials. These will be put aside until the end of the month and then tossed if no one is interested.


hey Mr Gormsby can I grab these ecus please? Do you know if they are the series 1 or 2 ecu’s? doesnt matter either way really I guess. Just good to have some opitons for the mira. Let me know when is ok to pick up also?

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Sold! All yours. Will put aside for you Mr Evil. (prob both series II)

sweet thankyou sir

Oh poop ,did I miss out Mr G I may very well need an ef el ecu .

Oh I needed series 1 just as well .evils gonna uses em well .