Ef-el engine stuffing

Hello everyone,
Ive been stuffing around with my 91 mira, supposedly ef-el 660 cc motor but the exhaust manifold i orderd was incorrect having 6 round holes instead of 3 rectangles… there for making the head from a ed 10 or 20 as far as i can work out, but it has a efi intake manifold. Im now wondering if if the intake manifold are some what interchangeable?
Any ideas?
I also now have a doner car for parts which is definitely ef el.

Hey mate please go to the “All New people” section and make a new topic with a small brief intro and please include what part of the world your from. With the question you have asked there I can see what the issues may be and I think having a good read of info in the forum and speaking to some of us will definitely help your situation.