EF-EL Head

Hello together,

iam looking for EF-EL Head in not cracked condition, best would be with intake manifold.

iam located in germany. If the seller could ship this would be nice.

Since we didnt get these Engines here i have no other source.

Thanks Daniel

Non-cracked ones are rare. I had a few good ones over the years. Of the twenty or so ef-els I’ve had I reckon four or five were not cracked. The cracked ones though have never been problematic due to the cracks. If you read through things I’ve written you’ll see I am not a fan of the ef-el.

BTW, a little bit of an introduction would be good. Tell us a little about your Dai and perhaps a picture or two.

Hello Mr_Gormsby,

i dont know what to say. I read all your posts!
Thanks, and you are right. I did write a post about my car
and should have done that first :slight_smile:

I think this head will be the only option for me
to build a mild turbo engine for the german rules…
I dont know if something else would go through.
Someone already tried the EJ Swap and the
German TÜV did not approve

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Even if its not the best Conversion.

If anybody has parts for this swap, i would love to get them.

Engine Harness
Intake Manifold
Throttle Body
Exhaust Manifold

If the TUV issue is only the block, why not look at the EJ-DE head on the EF-EL?

Not the Block would be the Problem, i used it before with the ED-10 Head, but didnt get it running properly.

The complete EJ-DE swap wont get through TÜV, and i dont like to rewire the car again.

So i wanted to put EF-EL Head on ED-10 Block with all the Turbo Parts to make at least some more HP.
And the baby Turbo :slight_smile: