EF/EL l200 mira Cranks but runs on 2 only

Have replaced head gasket was running 3 cylinders valves are fine now will only half run on 2 cylinders at about 2-300 RPM suspecting distributor pickup but have all 3 sparking at this point unsure where to go from next.

Just getting spark or really good spark. Everything from a dodgy lead to a bad earth/contact (esp with a sensor) to rotor or caps problems are things to check. If all the electrics are good, compression okay, cam dialed and valve lash all set I’d check for a fuel problem. A dirty filter or clogged intank fuel pickup can feel (power wise) like running on two, but might idle okay. Dodgy injector would be the first thing I’d check based on that little bit of info you’ve given. Either bad elec connection to the injector or clogged/dirty

All things are good in that sense (spark sensors and wires responding correctly) distributor ok and timed correctly have check valve lash and pulled out valves to check if bet but are not all compressions are around ~190 still unsure as to why not running on 3 and at only ~300 rpm.

300rpm? Are you saying it will only tick over at that? Is it getting fuel? Check the injectors are all working. While running put a stethoscope on each injector to see if they are all opening (ticking sound), check with a multi meter to make sure they all have the same resistance and if all check out I’d pull them from the manifold and with fuel pressure going to the rail run the injectors pointing at a bucket and make sure all are spraying the same pattern.

Injectors are spraying fine getting ~38 psi at the line and yes it is only spinning over at ~300rpm with throttle fully open

It’s not something crazy like a blocked exhaust? I always have a spare ECU and try a straight swap (I no longer have any ef-el bits and run a std EJ-DE ecu and have a couple of spares). I can’t remember if there is a problem solving section in the ef-el manual, but here it is https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-PaQWrh5CfBUUl2Vk1Wcjl5NGM and you could have a look for yourself if you have not already done that. That’s it for me for the evening. Good night.

no not blocked tail pipe urm thank you so much for your help at this late hour will let you and farum know what happens so keen to actually drive and no sadly have no other spare ecu or parts lacally no one know’s what it is evan here in wagga wagga n.s.w

it finally runs it was bad spark spark plugs looked new but were the iriodome put std ones in it ran right away and yes it is so fun to drive


Excellent to hear mate, sometimes it is the simple things that solve the biggest drama… Eg my high idle problem was blockage in the cooling system.

yah thank vary much all at live dai

All those exotic materials are no better than copper for conducting current. If they were better it would show in dyno tests. The benefit is they should last longer, which on some engines, is an absolute necessity when access is an issue. If you can get the them just stick with copper.