EF-JL Compression figures?

OK, so I dragged this Mira EF-JL from kinda paddock where cars go to die north of Adelaide. I did a dry compression test and got tragic numbers, did a wet compression test and got good numbers, did a leak test and it was in the greeen. I rebuilt the entire fuel system up to the Px regulator (dead) to see if it will run and it does, it’s rough and rich at idle but it’s getting 50psi and I can’t reduce that. I ran for a while to get up to temp and burn off the wet test oil and retested. Anyone want to comment on these figures ???

Cyl # 1 = 135psi @~10% leak through exhaust
Cyl # 2 = 125psi @ ~10% leakage unknown, rings??
Cyl # 3 = 135psi @ ~10% leak through inlet

Cheers Jim