EF-XS Engine timing and torque specs

Hello Everyone!!
Am the proud owner of a 1991 Daihatsu Atrai XX turbo, sadly the head gasket gave out so i will be replacing it this weekend, my question is as follows; does anybody know the right torque specs for this engine and how to time it?
thank you so much!!! am really hoping someone can help me out!

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Hi BigDaddy,

It’d be great to see at least a pic of your Atari and a little info in this section


Not everyone will know what an Atari is and that will help any discussion get started. As far as I know an EF-XS will be the same torque spec as an EF-EL.



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Ooh I would love to see some pictures! To bad I know nothing about the stuff you asked :frowning:

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thank you for your reply!!

heres a pic of my ride and engine

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