EFJL Ignition Timing

Hi. I’m trying to find the specs for EFJL engine igniton timing. Cant seem to find any topic regarding this. Is there anyone who has the proper specs to set the distributor using timing light? Also my car has a 4 pin socket on the firewall, how do i short out it to put into limp mode when adjusting the distributor.

Would really appreciate if anyone has some info on this.

Thank you

If it is anything like efel then my guess it would be about 10 Degree btdc. I have no documentation to support this
for efjl though.

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Hi evilhighway, yes you are right. It is 10 degrees.

I managed to find thru a friend in facebook. But not detailed enough.

Have you jumped the 4 pin socket on the firewall to check diagnosis?

nope never had an efjl only efel and I used a timing light with looking at the inspection openings through the gearbox hole. Honestly Most of the time I adjusted by ear and feel of how the car drove.

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