Ej-de 1000 tik-tik

Hello the ej-de 1000cc when is cold after some hours at parking i can hear tik-tik-tik sound from engine.
After some km the noice disappear.
What is this noise?
Can i solve it.

best to get a small video if possible, it could just be the engine cooling down or could be something worse

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Just sounds to me like it is taking a little bit for the engine oil to get to the top end of the engine. You often hear it with an engine that has been sitting for a long time etc. Has your oil level been checked recently?

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The oil level its ok.
The sound seem like valve clearence , but as the engine get hotter disappear.

When you first park the car you might hear tik-tik as the engine is cooling down? Otherwise some tappet noise?

Can you differentiate this sound from the tik tik sound of the injectors?


While the car is cold and parked, open the engine bay and try to pinpoint the source of the sound. It could be anything, from the injectors to a bad valve! It might be (and that is wishful thinking) while the car is cold and has high rpm (1.200) and because you have an issue with the stiff engine mounts, the sound is coming from that!

Also, make a small video while you are doing it. If we hear the sound, we might be able to help you!

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Here the video of an engine sound.
The engine is cold after 12hours standing.
As you can hear the sound tik-tik disappear as the engine get hotter.

Well, it sounds a bit loud… the sound seems to be like a valve that it’s going bad as we speak. Did you check the compression of each cyl? It might be your cyl head gasket that is going bad and the bad compression causes the valve to do that sound. Definitely, it’s not coming from the injectors. And most definitly, it’s not the engine mounts!

Check your compression on each cyl. If it’s ok:

  1. Take off the side plastic cover, then remove the belts. Check all pulles for slack.
  2. If those are ok, remove the top plastic cover, unplug the coils, remove them and open the top cover of the valves.
  3. With a rubber mallet check if they return when you hit em (not with force!!) also check for simular sound while you are doing that!

Before you do that, go and buy all the gaskets from the parts you removed and some gasket paste.
OR you can go to a proffetional enginier and save your self the trouble…

Here, listen to mine EJ-DE

Also, how many km do you have on the dashboard?

I think your rev is higher than 1000rpm.
In video your engine is hot?
When the engine is hot the sound is better.
I will post a video.

Well, it should be higher than 1000 rpm because the engine is cold. The sound of your engine, reminds me the sound mine did, when the head gasket went bad, but I don’t think that yours died yet.

Here is a video with an EJ-DE with blown head gasket:

With warm engine no tik tik sound

Look, I hear it even in your 2nd video, it’s faint, but it’s still there… now, engines are made from metalic, moving parts. Those parts are heating up and cooling down. After 150.000+ Km on the dash, they’ve seen better days and they need a little “love and care”. Maybe rebuilding the cyls and the pistons. That’s at least 1 week of work. If you want I can point you to my mechanic. I’m telling you that, because I had the same probem with my engine in the past. Ofcorse I was “clever” (NOT). I let it be, it blown up the head gasket, the springs stuck on the pistons, oil came up from the cyls, up to the piston’s top and drown my sparkplugs! “B-e-a-utiful” memmories!

PM me, If you want my mechanic’s number.

Except from that there are an engine that made a lot of km without openings.
Its all in the care.

Well, yes, it’s all in the care, but, consider this:

  1. You bought the car. 2nd or 3rd hand?
  2. The service book is one thing, how the car was driven from previous owners, it’s another.
  3. Also, do not believe every little thing that is written on service book. The service could be written and never done.

And as I said, an engine is made form metalic, moving parts. Those parts are heating up and cooling down. Things like pistons, rods, piston bearings etc. Those things do have “normal wear and tear”. And yes, it can happend even if you “care” and service the car.