EJ-DE adding variable valve timing DVVT (making a EJ-VE) w/ std ecu

I hae a set of cams and actuator from a EJ-VE. Below is the ECU pinout. Is anyone aware as to whether the std ecu will support the DVVT?

EJ DE pinout from left to right top to bottom

5- OCV+ = variable valve timing control
6- OCV-

Does the board have the pin outs for the rear cam angle sensor as well as the spool valve Rob. It’s just my basic understanding that as well as the cam /crank angle sensor the board will need to support the cam angle senor the VE has.


Very good. Great info, thanks.

It came without a rear sensor. Dan ran it in the blue EFIMira for a really short amount of time soon after he’d bought the car. So it was set up with a Wolf ECU. I’ll see what I can figure out with my factory ECU. I do however, have an Autronic SM2 which I hope to install at some point. That should drive it - but that mod is not going to happen until a lot of suspension and brake work is finished. If there is a chance the factory ecu will run it I’ll look into it soon.


The sensor would be just a check to ensure the actuator is functioning. It may have a timing ramification. in essence you could just dephase the cam and leave it ie a couple of teeth offset. The variability just provides for more savaging at high rpm and maintains the torque at low rpm. You probably know this stuff! What I am saying is that you could use a number of sources to switch the vvt.