EJ-DE EJ-VE parts interchangeable

Hi, are the EJ-DE and EJ-VE parts interchangeable like timing belt, water pump etc etc? Or which parts are different?

pretty much the same engine. one is variable valve and one isnt. Can you guess which one Australia got? lol

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Variable valve timing is the biggest thing but you can fit it on a DE too so I think the head is actually the same. You can notice where the actuator would be on the DE and there’s an empty space in the plastic cover piece to fit it.

The VE comes with a different gearbox ratio which I personally do not prefer.

Some small changes to the throttle body. You can recognize a VE by the plastic piece on where the throttle cable sits.

The VE has a second O2 sensor whereas the DE only has one.

Are the timing belt the same?


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I wonder where the VE gets the extra compression, cams?

Yes, probably from valve timing and exhaust being closed a tad earlier at low rpm (just a guess).