EJ-DE headgasket measures

Hi all, I’m looking to get a custom headgasket made for my girlfriends Cuore which we are going to turbo. I have had contact with someone that is able to get one custom made, but I need some specifications. does anyone have a schematic or info on the EJ-DE headgasket concerning the dimensions? Thanks in advance!

Might be worth buying the cheapest compatible one on ebay and then using that as a template?

£22 delivered here in the UK: Head Gasket FOR DAIHATSU STORIA 1.0 98->05 MLS M1 EJ-DE EJ-VE Petrol FAI | eBay

you might find ali express is even cheaper

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Unless you’re going piston size greater than 73mm or looking to get a custom thickness head gasket, the stock gasket works just fine.

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Based on cost and effort, go with a stand alone ECU with wideband O2. Have it dyno tuned. No need to lower compression. A MLS gasket will work better than copper anyway. It is inherent in the multi layers and this has been verified by thorough testing. If you really really have to lower the compression deck one or two millimeters out of the center of the pistons in a lathe. Some cleaning up the combustion chamber with a porting tool and cc’ing to balance volume will lower the compression a bit also… Leave the outer edge to promote squish. Thermal coat the piston top. EFIMira went here decades ago and found the std engine/compression can take a lot of boost with a good tune. Put your money into the ecu, wideband and a tune to protect the engine rather than low comp, it will drive better.