EJ-DE interference or not

Hi, am new here. Am looking at getting a 2003 Sirion with the 3 cylinders 1.0 (I assumed it is EJ-DE). Been searching the Web and it has different result on whether this engine is interference or not so thought i will join and get an expert answer.


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Hi 8mini,

Glad you have dropped in. The family here can be a bit shy (stranger danger and all that). But if you start with an introduction (ALL NEW PEOPLE - Live To Dai) and help us get to know you then with the formalities over we can start a discussion. Tell us a little about your Dai and maybe add an image or two.




Hi there, welcome.

The EJ-DE is definitely an interference engine. The piston can hit the valves in the event that the belt snaps or skips.

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For what its worth, anything vehicle with a cambelt - interference or not - its worth changing it on, or close to schedule.

Yeah, on a non-interference engine you won’t damage valves, but you can guarantee that when it snaps, it will be the worst possible time. Think ‘on my way to an interview for the job of my dreams, with my wife in labour with my firstborn child in the back seat, granny in the front passenger seat having symptoms of a stroke, you’re desperate for a poo and you’re driving round the periphique in Paris in the rain, at rush hour’.

THAT is when it will snap.


Cars break at the most inconvenient times in general :joy: .

I didn’t really think about the question as: do I have to change my cambelt or can I wait until it snaps.

But yes; you should change it.

Also, I hate driving in Paris so that description just made it a bit too real for me.

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Thanks all for the reply. I have started another thread asking question any the different engine physical size.

Your new topic has been deleted. If you want to know why then please refer to the first post in this thread where @Mr_Gormsby made the first reply to you.

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