EJ-DE performance mods?

Hi all, I’ve been back to working on my L700 tracktoy, I was wondering if there are any performance related modifications I can do to this engine? I know of the malaysian exhaust manifolds etc, but was wondering about maybe porting? bigger throttlebody? etc etc. Anyone know if there are any options to squeezing more power out of the wee lil 3 cilinder?

depends on how much you wish to spend, port the head, K3VE2 pistons for higher compression, extractors and exhaust for better flow, cam regrind etc. the main hassles you will have will be tuning it all on the stock ecu.


I thought you have issued with k3ve2 pistons

Light ef-el flywheel, head porting (tidy combustion chambers, work at the valve guide [i’d pull them out port flush and replace] and work around the valve seat bowl - oh multi-angle valve grind), more compression, headers, 1 7/8’ exhaust or bigger, adjustable timing gear (retard 4-5deg), I’d always wanted to do a custom inlet manifold, cam regrind and aftermarket ecu


only that Precision International list them but give K3VE pistons :frowning: