EJ-DE shift light on std ecu

I’ve just had a go at putting in a set of Ecliptech shift lights in the Mira. Rather than running a wire into the engine bay to one of the coils I figure that I can patch into ecu. Are the details below correct?

EJ DE pinout from left to right top to bottom

5- OCV+ = variable valve timing control
6- OCV-

11- IGI = Power to coil #1
22- IGI = Power to coil #2
23- IGI = Power to coil #3

31- VVT

Small plug

15 RFAN = radiator fan conrtrol

This is from the factory ej manual dated 4/98 hope you can make it out.


Struggling a bit to make that out. Can follow some of it.


Good one. Thanks heaps!