EJ-DE Swapped Hijet Climber S81p

Hey guys, thought I would make a quick post for people looking at doing the same engine swap. Have been driving it around daily for the last couple of months! The swap Still retains AWD too which is a bonus.

Engine is an Ej-de out of a Daihatsu Cuore

First of all, fab work is definitely needed so I wouldn’t call it a straight forward swap for others looking to do it. However here is a quick rundown of what’s involved.

  • Oil pickup from hijet bolts to ej block
  • Sump from hijet bolts to ej block
  • Hijet transmission bolts to ej - aligns with majority of bolts (the big ones that matter lol)
  • transmission to engine under brace bolts to ej
  • hijet clutch is used

Now for stuff you need to modify….

  • custom engine mounts
  • notched engine mount/Subframe to clear alternator pully.
  • I rear mounted my radiator as it was easier to connect the coolant ports to the back side of the engine.
  • External fuel pump ( I currently have a s83v in tank sender waiting to go in)
  • Welded an AN fitting to the fuel rail to make a return style set-up with fuel pressure regulator
  • I used a full daihatsu cuore chassis loom and spliced it to the hijet.
  • Malaysian custom intake manifold to fit under the tray
  • Custom throttle cable
  • Custom exhaust - I just chopped up the old Cuore manifold and made it work.
    Sorry I don’t have many photos! I’ll try find some more and attach them below.

Let me know if you guys have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s sounds like a lot of work but the gains of the EJ is huge torque.


Wow man awesome work! Thankyou for for doing this post and doing a good summary of what you had to do. I’m sure others will find this very helpful.


Damn that’s good looking. Great stuff


Thats such a cool engine swap! Love it. I bet it’s so fun to drive as those Ej engines love to rev out, i did a track day in my Cuore and just had a right laugh in it. Love how clean it all looks.


Weird you say about ej engines loving to rev out. In Australia, they are limited to between 5.5k and 6.5k depending on the ecu for the model it came in. Ef’s rev out to about 8k

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Im currently trying to do the same thing! I was most concerned with the gearbox fitting the engine with clutch spacing being an issue also, but sounds like it might all work? Does your Hijet have a CB Engine in it? Cheers

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