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Hey guys currently in the process of swapping an EJ-DE engine into a S81P Hijet climber. Really need access to the workshop manuals to help with wiring!

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welcome mate. Hi jet climber with an ejde. I would love to see a pic. It sounds awesome.
It won’t take long to have access to the manuals.
A little bit of reading time in some threads which you might find very useful and a reply especially if it has the pic of the hijet (hint hint :rofl: :joy:) .

  • I just had a look at your user level and you are so close to access, it should only take a minute or 2 of read time.
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First EJ-DE into a Hijet I’ve seen, or hope to see. Any pics?

Here is a picture!
So close to getting it running. Im using a full chassis loom out of a Cuore and splicing it into the body harness of the hijet.
Still trying to figure out the wiring of the ignition hence why i need the manuals :smile: . Still retaining HIjet Gearbox and AWD btw!


Just fantastic. There should be some diagrams, info and orig manuals here to help. EFIMira (the pioneer of EJ-DE conversions) and a mate of his helped do my EF-EL to EJ-DE harness splices in 2-3hrs with only a probe light and a pin remover. I do hate electrics, but they reckoned “easy” as not much goes into the orig harness.

Thats so cool mate! how’d you work out sump things to make it pick up oil properly being leant over?

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The HIJET oil pickup bolts straight up to the EJ-DE! And the hijet sump lines up with the EJ-DE Alignment dowels and a few of the bolt holes, the rest just needed to be drilled out.