EJ Gearbox L2/L5 help?

hi! just wanting to know if there may be any extra information on using a Sirion or L7 EJ gearbox in a L2/L5. My current EF box seems to have a input shaft bearing going out and I figure I might as-well to go a stronger gearbox.

I know that EJ gearboxes fit physically in the frame rails. Although I don’t quite know how to sort out clutch cables, Is it possible to use the EF/ED clutch cable with the EJ gearbox or do I need to swap out to a different clutch pedal and clutch cable? I currently also have 4x100 already done on my car, I just don’t quite know the difference in the positioning of the EJ box compared to EF in axle lengths? Would I be able to use my current axles or should I grab a pair of cheap ones and cut and weld to the right lengths? I do also figure that I should be able to use my current EF flywheel and clutch pressure plate with a EJ disc since I think it’s a different spline?

I will use the flywheel with the 3mm spacer behind. Additionally will the starter from the EJ box need to be used as-well or will the EF starter work?

I also assume that the shifter assembly would be okay to use but I’ve so far read that It may need the stabilizer bar slightly bent to accommodate the different subframe?

Thankyou for your help!

hey I will find the link jake gilbert made on youtube and post here. It is for 4x110 so cv lengths will be different but much of everything else will be the same.

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