Ej into L201 drama

Hello all, im Preston from Canberra. I have a bit of an addiction to Mira’s, having had 16 so far and still have 6. Any way, i got a sirion as payment for work done and am in the process of wiring the engine into a L201. I found the EJ into L200 post which helped alot with cutting down the sirion loom. But being a carby Mira i dont have the plug which gets repinned for power, ect. Is there a post somewhere i have missed covering this? Or anyone done this?
Im going to try and fit the sirion pump assembly into the L201 fuel tank so i dont have to worry about fpr and a return line too, other than upgrading rubber lines to suit the increased pressure is there any problems running the L201 pump relay and wiring? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If not worrying about return lines, dont forget the little plastic thing inline just above the pump, thats what the returnless system uses as an fpr from what i was told

Was going to try and put the whole lot in, i havent dropped the tank out yet and cant remember what they look like from the top. Just about to jack it up and find out.

But of a delay to pull the tank out. Have to pull out 10 12inch subs and the box so the wiring can come through the floor. FML.

Hi mate, if you take a look in the immobiliser bypass thread you’ll find someone has posted Sirion wiring diagrams. Hope this helps.

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Welcome onto the forums mate. You should have access to the workshop manuals section now if you are chasing wiring diagrams.

Different engine but on the topic of returnless systems

The pump is a pretty standard unit, a wrx pump is what I fitted into my old JB powered trxx, unit size is the same.

I ran returnless on the JB for about two years before it stopped working… It just ran like arse, maybe it was a dud injector… I ended up importing a L900 series rail and with some modifications it fitted the Jb-det and offered a return line… It ran much better than the returnless system