EJ L200 Track/Street 😎

Alrightyyyyyyy. Posted my intro, Hopefully a few more peeps know me now.

Ill try and keep a build thread. But no promises, it may just appear finished :joy: who knows.
So all cars, L200 , 2 door. rear seats, all had 660cc and manuals.

  1. My old daily. will probs only use the bride out of this/rear trxx seats. rest is pretty standard.
  2. The pretty shell. Again not much, Trxx interior pieces. Bits and bobs, new wheel bearings ect.
  3. The New one! just got home from buying and picking up the new Hatsu! i am probs the only person to spend more than 2grand on it. but here is the short run down on what it has(more to follow as i find it/add it)
    New steering rack
    Custom Sub frame bushings
    New bushings throughout
    New engine mounts
    Re-painted and welded/repaired subframe with fish oil through it
    Removed surface rust and repainted drivers from wheel arch area
    EJDE with 98k on it
    Machined Flywheel and new clutch + throwout bearing
    New rear main seal
    New diff side seal
    new/re-cond CV joints
    New tie-rod ends
    Old lower arms & new ones (forget if I installed them or not!)
    HWL coil overs, front strut brace + rear anti roll brace
    New brake master cylinder

Included new parts:
New handbrake cable
New clutch cable
Accelerator cable (I think?)
All fittings and lines to connect to new Aeromotive FPR
Tachometer for 3 banger
Stainless braided brake lines (fitted but not secured fully)
Gasket kit
Dodgey Malaysian extractors (look pretty but they might be rubbish honestly. $350 wasted potentially)
2" Stainless exhaust.

Other fruit:
13" 4x110 SSR MK3’s full set, with correct wheel nuts and stainless replacement rim bolts all sourced from J-pan (the wheels themselves will need the centres machined out a tiny bit to accept the hubs for some reason.)
13" 4x110 restored Mazda 4 spoke items with ok rubber. I think 2 have mint rubber on them from memory.
So hopefully with all these 3 together ill have a fun streeter with little to no problems :v: and hopefully the pictures work.

The old 3 that i had. parts used from the first 2.


Sneaky pic of the new set up! Will post some more photos as i go/hopefully. But keen to keep it simple on the outside!


Ohk. Bit of a longggg update. First of all i couldn’t do this without the help of my little brother.

So got the new Mira on the 03/09. only moved it, put it in the shed and left it.

The next week was spent gather lists of items needed and purchasing said items: Brake fluid, fuel hose, clamps, exhaust hangers, fuel and oil filters.

Having all supplies it was time to start some work. New fuel hose and fuel filter fitted, the standard exhaust manifold was replaced with another custom one and 2" Stainless exhaust system from a old hatsu back in the day that i purchased.

After that it was time to tackle wiring. When purchasing the car the biggest concern was this but after reading the wiring conversion guide, the decision was made to tackle it ourselves.
end result looked great for a first attempt.

With fuel out of the way, Spark was next. out with the old, in with the new.

After doing that it was time to focus on some of the front suspension/brakes. This car had a range of new parts already fitted. Engine mounts, Custom subframe bushes, Steering rack, Cv shafts, Lca, Coilovers, tie rod ends, new brake master. So keeping with the new theme we added strut tops, new front pads, slotted rotors,
braided brake lines. The coilovers had to be swapped around as the brake line holders were on the wrong way, easy fix. Added the clear indicator lenses for a bit of styling

A set of 14" rays volk racing wheels came up for a steal so i had to buy them to add to the collection of 4x110 wheels :joy: also added is the 13" Ssr Mark 3s

After wheels were done. it was time for a few other little tasks. Back seats put back in, gearbox connected to shifted, ecu plugged in. New battery and belt put in/on. and ready to crank. Ending up cranking but no fuel pressure. turns out we had am immobilizing ecu, so fuel pump wasnt getting any power(only found out after removing the tank) Plugged in the other ecu we had and lift off.

That was last week. This week was a little slower, not much done. Guards and headlights put back in, new allen key bolts to make it look a bit tidy. radiator installed(nothing flash, slightly bigger and newer than standard, hoses cut to size and a radiator flush out through it, brakes finished and lines and wheels put back on. I used the motor out of a spare rear washer bottle for the front one, not completely new, but close enough right.

With all these goodies installed and the gearbox filled with new fluid, it was time for the rear to get some work. We had a bit of trouble with the clutch, changed to a brand new line and still feels funny, but still managed to drive the car out of the shed to turn around, new rear shoes and brake cylinders will be next.

More progress to come hopefully soon. Wont be ready for MCM meet but hopefully not too far away.
Till next time peeps :v:

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Which extractor did you buy? Do you have a photo of them

Top are the ones im using. Middle is the Malaysian shiny ones for sells $200. and bottom are stock :v:


Had a little incident in my other car today. Which was unfortunate but couldn’t really be help. Other driver found at fault and its looking like the cressida will be written off. Kinda ohk news for the hatsu as it means down the track i can steal the Haltech PS2000 to control the boosted EJ and flex fuel as well.

Work continued on the build as we flushed the radiator and gave the engine a new oil filter and Toyota genuine oil. New motorbike filter bought and even then still too big. Its ugly but it will do for now.

Whilst at work a package arrived filled with L200 goodies. 3x Rear wings arrived with some little marks expected being shipped from over seas. 20171004_124544

And another part for my car :wink:

Front bar went on and we are one step closer. Still having problems with the clutch. New cable put in and adjustment still has a bit to go but. Its selected gears with a crunch and the friction point is 80/90% up from the floor. you would think it would select gears nicely adjusted this way. not sure what to try next.Throttle body came off to be replaced by another in the hopes to fix our rough/high idle.


Damn shame about the Cressida bloke :(:sob:

ouch about the cressida dude but good no one was hurt (i presume).

Whiplash to myself and girlfriend and she also suffered a bruise lung. The couple i hit(90ish) passenger had a broken collar bone/ribs but not serious. :v: well. sorta but they are ohkish

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Sux about the cressy mate.
Maybe you can buy it back from insurance and part it out. I bought my missus car back from insurance for $50! I sold just the grille for $80…
the 1j is pretty desirable.

Not a real good outcome but still better than it could have been I spose. So many accidents lately I see probably 1 a week on the highway at the moment between Plainland and Ipswich.

Right, Been a while since I’ve posted. Life got in the way and stupid race hatsu is stupid.
To those that EJ in a weekend have everything running and driving. I salute you.

After weeks of negecting it, finally found another gearbox to test. Put it in and she runs and drives yet again. Still having a slight crunch into reverse sometimes. Does anyone want to share their clutch set ups? Still unsure of whats going on.

In other non related hatsu news, i bought another car. Introducing a Toyota Mark II Jzx110 (Left one)

Jz and manual, top spec and camry looking goodness, its a great daily while the hatsu is being built.
Speaking of, Will be chasing any and all suspension goodies i can find :v:


I put an EF-EL 160mm Exedy one in mine with flywheel machined to EF-EL specs, blokes that did machining said there is a slight difference in the step height between that and Sirion 170mm EJ-DE clutch.

this thread has me frothing. i was a st141 fan before these little cars, i dreamed of a 1/2jz cressie or sxe10/3sgte st141. love this little car and your work. props on the toyots!

Wheels are on, Bride seat is half in and Nardi is getting sorted with another boss kit. Getting close peeps :sunglasses: Still havent washed it properly. Waiting for the right time. Black carpet will be cleaned soon, Trxx rear seats put in and the Trxx Handbrake/shifter surround is to go in soon. Slowly getting there.


Nice, but it’s a bit more leaning towards Street and Show than Street and Track

10/10 Will be tracked. Never tried sprints but seems fun :joy: No harm in having a nice looking car on the track :wink:

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Love it, I really want a set of brides for my car.

Brides are the best. You can for sure throw the car more and not move in your seating position. Some stickers and boss kit arrived as well. so progress to be had over the weekend :ok_hand:


Happy Easter Yall!
Cleaned this mofo up getting ready for its roadie!
Before pics. hadn’t washed it since i bought it and its time to show off the wheels :sunglasses: :joy:

So just a snow foam and a quick wash.

And Done. for now. At least now i can all the dints and how im going to need some new front guards :joy:So any for sale? :ok_hand: S1 or 2.

Changed the carpet from a shity dirty grey to a cleaned newish blackkkkk.

Nardi mounted but will need a different boss kit so the horn works and the Bride is finally bolted in hopefully for the last time :joy:

And lastly a unifilter just for roadworthy purposes still doesnt look bad for now :ok_hand:

Brakes to be bled again and fix this stupid clutch. still not going into gears properly 2nd gear box so thinking clutch. Anyone used the Malaysian clutch kits. Do you get a ef-el clutch for ej-de or mix and match flywheels/clutches


depends on what gearbox you have. ejde clutch if you have ejde gearbox or if you have ed or ef gearbox then use ed or ef gearbox.

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