Hello there Dai family. My girlfriend bought a Sirion M100 989cc made 4/2000. The plate of the car, in the engine bay say’s EJ-DE. But I spotted two sensors unplugged (no plugs insite to plug on them) and a coolant hose on the intake manifold.

The frst sensor is locaed at the back of the oil valve, at the left of the valve cover. I don’t have one on my EJ-DE. The second at the back right of the cyl head. (At this location I’m possitive that mine EJ-DE has a plastic plug). And I’m absolutly certain that my intake manifold does not have a coolant hose port on it. I checked.

I’ve been doing some searching, and all those parts are for the EJ-VE. The car is running great and all, but:

Is it possible to swap an EJ-DE with an EJ-VE to a car with an ECU for an EJ-DE just like that? Is that engine an EJ-DE or an EJ-VE?

I’m so confused.

Not many Australians can help with this one as we only got the ejde.

I’d sign up here where this engine type was delivered: http://www.daihatsu-forum.de/
I’m Bauer_Sucht_Sau, there. The Google German to English translator is pretty good. If you’re uncertain as to if your posting was accurately translated, feel free to ask me through private message there :+1: