Ejde intake for itb's

For Sale!!! $50 AUD plus postage or Pick up from Miles QLD (Australia) which I don’t think anyone will do.

I am selling this as I have made one for myself, one for another member on here, and trying to get a little cash back to buy more filament so I can design and make more for this and other models.

Intake manifold made to adapt an ejde to use Triumph Tiger Triple Throttle Bodies.

In the kit I have put together, you will get

  • the intake manifold 3d printed in carbon fibre nylon (25% CF). This material will handle the heat and oil residue etc.

  • 5 vacuum barbs in ABS that will handle the heat, however, it is less resistant to oils etc and the reason I am supplying 4 spares is a just incase scenario. I opted for ABS as every CF Nylon one I printed just broke and these are a bit more sturdy. I have the file so I can print more if needed for the purchaser or find a brass barb about the same diameter as the hole and heat it up and insert it while hot to make it permanent. Where I live supplies are very scarce.

  • 7 aluminum crush tubes. This is to help prevent the squish of the manifold. They can be ground down further if required.

  • 3 x pod filter adapter (each one is 3 piece) these are in ABS and seem quite sturdy (approx 50mm OD)

You can use the 800 ( Mine are XA but I think XC are the same) or the 675 varieties which I believe are the same also.

This adapter has been made to still use the ejde ports that go straight into the head. I just blocked the fuel line to the injectors so they can’t work on the bike tb’s.

Please note that the ejde I have made these for is the one I have which was in an early L700 or Sirion. I am not sure on the differences between the L251. Although I believe it should be able to fit and work. I say this as I know some stock intake manifolds I have seen are longer, So I would say some have an extra bolt.

For a Gasket for this manifold, I would just use heat-tolerant sealant.

The itb’s are adapted to the manifold via straight silicone tubing with clamps obviously and pod filters that fit can be found really cheap on Ali Express and same with the tubing for the intake. I will provide some links below in the comments. I will try to find some itb’s also from eBay. Please do your own research for price and compatibility.

Yes the manifold is in 2 pieces as I had to do this to print to fit it on my printer.

The manifold is not perfect but should definitely be better than the real dodgey set up I had made before designing and printing this one. (and that dodgey step up worked)

It should run on your stock ecu (my dodgey set up did) but no Idea how good or bad or what your afr’s will be.

You will have to work out your own throttle cable system…

No you can’t have the stl.



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